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Текст был передан на сохранение в НИИ им. Абдулова
Первоначальный ресурс опубликования: abdulovsaidit.blogspot.com
Дата первого опубликования: Сентябрь 2012
Жанр: абдулопублицистика

Hell yes, here we are! Do you want to know who we are? We are the society punishment. We’re not a trolls, not a satanic shit cult, we ride on wings of truth, and give to the people goodness. Few time ago, our prophet used his white magic, for punish the SonyWhores, because we know the truth — Japan is the country of little evil nonhumans. They’re created the God damn console Sony Playstation, there live a lot of faggots, sluts, podophiles, motherfuckers and other nasty demons of old Satan. So you can ask us — «what PS 3 made to us? It just a games, you’re not right!». Yes, it just a games, but look at graphics! X-Box has better graphics, suck it PS3 fanboys! But we all know — PC platform is the better gaming platform ever (if you love the photorealistic graphic on your screen), and so you can’t play in the custom modifications.

So as you can see — X Box has better textures, so what you can say? WE DON’T WANT PAY THE MONEY TO THIS MOTHERFUCKERS AND PEDOPHILES SONYWHORES!!! It’s our opinion! This is the grifting, and we have a right to punish them! And so all PS3 ports and wersions of games look ugly, it’s unplayable and Godsatan damn it — WE HATE ALL JAPANESE!!! Play Station Move is the hidden version of dildo for japanese pervets! And the childrens play with this shit. KillZone, the «greatest» PS3 exclusive is the stupidest game ever and look worst than Halo. MGS — game about old pedobitch, what is this shit? 6 hours of movie and 2 hour of game? Huh? Or Heavy rain — game about stupid motherfucker origami killer. FUCK YOU! Gears of war better!

We hate it, and yes, we hate lolikon, yaoi and other kawaii anime shit. If you hate it too, follow us! We trying to seve the childrens innocence. We’re not a trolls, we come to help you, America! We’re conscience of humanity, of the Earth. And our task — destroy the dark in the human hearts. All of it you can read in the Biboran! Join us, help us to punish the evil bitches in USA! It’s Justin Bieber, nazi bastards, clowns, rasists, posers, fake people and other scums. AND, you you think — How they can be against nazi and rasists, if they’re hate the Japan? I answer — Japanese is not a humans! They’re demons on our planet. We can let them defile our souls! We’re your friends, not stupid strange people with balalayka, vodka and longhats… really! Anscha Abdul, brothers! BIBORAN!